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Jay-Z addressed a lot of things on his 4:44 album to the point where it seemed like nothing was off limits. Jigga was critical of himself as well as the rap game, so it’s no surprise that certain artists felt some type of way.

One rapper who seemed to be a little salty after the album’s release is Future. On “The Story of O.J.,” Jigga talks about the difference between getting paid a lot of money and building wealth as a rapper. “You’re on the Gram holding money to your ear, there’s a disconnect, we don’t call that money over here,” Hove spits. Well apparently, Future peeped the line and gave a response via Snapchat. The Atlanta rapper posted a pic of himself doing exactly what Jay-Z criticized. He label his money-stack pic “U ain’t got the juice like dat. MOOD.”

Future isn’t the only southern rapper who felt some type of way about Jay-Z’s bars. Louisiana’s Boosie BadAzz decided to go on Instagram Live and give his response to Jay-Z’s money stack line.

“Jay-Z not gonna stop our culture in Louisiana,” Boosie said. “I don’t know about New York, I don’t know about other cities and things like that, but Louisiana…his word is not bond in Louisiana.”

Boosie went on to say that he doesn’t mean any disrespect to Jay-Z or the album, but things are done differently in his home state. “For ya that say I shouldn’t put stacks on my ear cause Jay-Z said it. It’s not my fault. He’s not my mentor…he didn’t raise me. I’m a grown ass man just like Jay-Z…People gonna still put stacks to their ear, I know in Louisiana they is.” You can watch his full response below.


There you have it. How do you feel about Jay-Z’s line and the emerging backlash. Let us know in the comments below.