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If your meme game is tight on social media, there might be a job for you — professional meme maker. Yup, you can start paying your bills by creatively slapping some text on a pic.

Ka5sh is a professional meme maker who’s created memes for record labels. He told NBC that he’s survived off meme making for a whole year. “So basically, I get hired by companies to make stuff,” he explains. “Let’s say like, Interscope wants me to make a pack of memes for a release for a certain rapper. And they want everyone to think that that rapper has a lot of like, buzz around them and that other people are making memes about them, but it’s really just me making a whole bunch of them and then them being dispersed through different accounts.”

Considering the amount of Drake memes one could see on a daily basis, Ka5sh is making total sense. One funny meme could go viral and bring new attention to a rising artist. Ka5sh even recognizes meme’s potential in the art world. This past February, he and a group of other meme makers hosted a meme art gallery in LA. The title? By Any Memes Necessary. 

You can learn more about Ka5sh job and see some of his work below.