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If it’s one thing Ray J doesn’t play about, it’s his coins.

The reality star is livid with Celebrity Big Brother and wants them to cut the check. Ray posted a video on his social media, claiming that the UK reality show owes him money — although he requested to leave the show back in January.

He said in the video, “Celebrity Big Brother owes me some motherf****n’ money. But instead, put me back on the show. Eight days in, tooth hurting. Instead of y’all taking me to the dentist, y’all take me to the hospital? For what? All I needed was some McDonald’s and something to fix my motherf****n’ tooth, and then you let me back in so I can perform, but nah. I can’t come back in.”

Ray captioned the visual rant, “F*** the cash! Nah I’m jus playing! But 4real I won’t rest until I finish strong! Only I know what I’m going thru!” You may recall that Brandy‘s brother was fired in January because he left the show after requesting to leave the house to see a dentist. At the time, it was reported that the show would pay Ray the balance due, which was rumored to be in the high six figures.

But judging by Ray J’s rant, they didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. Maybe the singer will remain on season four of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood until an agreement with Celebrity Big Brother is reached.

Check out the video above.

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