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A week after The Daily Beast reported that Omarosa Manigault was slowly being kicked out of the President’s inner circle, the New York Times is spilling even more tea about how the Trump administration is distancing themselves from the former reality star.

According to the newspaper, Donald Trump’s chief of staff John Kelly has put the communications director for the Office of Public Liaison and other aides on a “no fly list,” banning “unfit” staffers from attending serious meetings. Apparently, Omarosa has a tendency of crashing important gatherings when she isn’t invited.

It’s believed that Kirstjen Nielsen, Kelly’s longtime aide, is in charge of this  so-called list and is described in the article as “brusque” and “no-nonsense.” Translation: Ms. Nielsen is not the one for Omarosa to play with.

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As we previously wrote, the White House has been growing tired of Omarosa and her antics and is doing their best to whittle away her influence over Trump.

According to a September 2 article published in The Daily Beast, Kelly has taken steps to prevent her and other senior staffers from getting unvetted news articles on the president’s desk. It appears that sending the #45 news and facts riles him up and has him spending the whole day “fuming about it.”

For example, earlier this summer Omarosa was one of the people who would bring Trump stories about MSNBC hosts, and former Trump pals, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinsk “slagging him, and his administration.” Soon after, the president tweeted that Brzezinski “was bleeding badly from a face-lift.”

“When Gen. Kelly is talking about clamping down on access to the Oval, she’s patient zero,” a source close to the Trump administration told the Daily Beast.

Clearly, the staunch Trump supporter is “not happy” about this treatment.

“[Omarosa’s] not happy about it. She has a bond that goes back years with [Trump] and resents being cut off like everyone has.”

Sigh...when will she learn? This administration isn’t loyal girl!

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