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A little over one week has passed since the mysterious death of Kenneka Jenkinsthe 19-year-old Black girl who was found “frozen solid” in the walk-in freezer of an Illinois hotel. In that week, there have been countless conspiracy theories about how the Chicago teen went from partying with her girls to stumbling around the deserted part of the Crown Plaza Hotel, where authorities say she entered the freezer on her own. One of the more bizarre theories claims the owner of the establishment murdered Jenkins in an attempt to illegally harvest and sell her organs to the black market. Another popular theory accuses two of Jenkins’ friends, Monifah Shelton and Irene Roberts, of setting her up to be raped and murdered in exchange for an undetermined amount of money.

If you’ve been following the horrific tale, you know Roberts is the friend who went ‘Live’ on Facebook in mirrored sunglasses during the party (video above). Many speculate that Roberts and Shelton watched Jenkins get raped while they went Live and entertained their online followers, though at this time, there’s no proof any rape or assault ever occurred. While some of the conjecture died down after police released video that showed an inebriated Jenkins staggering around the hotel on her own with no one else in sight before disappearing around a corner, there are still plenty who blame Jenkins’ friends. Cue, the ‘Irene challenge.’

Over the past couple of days videos taunting Irene Roberts have surfaced all over the internet. Those participating in the Irene challenge wear sunglasses, mimic her accent, and make fun of the hairstyle she wore the night Jenkins went missing. The internet is really torn over whether or not the challenge is funny, but we’re going to go with a strong: it’s not.

According to NewsWeek, the family of Kenneka Jenkins has officially called for a federal investigation into her death. The Chicago Tribune claims Jenkins’ mother Teresa Martin had this to say on the matter: “I’m not a professional, but the FBI, from what I heard, they are professionals. I’m just looking for help—that’s all I’ve been asking for since day one.”

Chime in on whether or not it’s OK to mock Jenkins’ supposably trifling friends and stay tuned for more information about her case as it surfaces.

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