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In a new interview, Montreality caught up with Migos members Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff who are getting ready to drop their “masterpiece” of an album, Culture 2. On top of dishing details about the project, the fellas talk changing the face of hip hop as we know it, their favorite cartoons, how they’re going to live life at 86 years old, and more.

If you ask Quavo, Migos is responsible for this “whole lil wave” of hip hop right now.” He says of their contribution to the industry, “We in a time right now where we setting a trend. We started this whole lil’ wave, we started the whole genre, we started the whole flow, the whole melody. Ain’t nobody right now who can say they ain’t took our flow at one point in their career. We ain’t tripping, we never did trip. Hip-hop has changed in a big way. You can mark this down as we changed it.”

Quavo also talked about his forthcoming joint album with Travis Scott, noting that it’s going to “drop real, real soon,” as all they need is some time to sort out the songs they’ve recorded so far. Watch the clip above to hear more about the exciting features on Culture 2 (hey, Cardi!), the jobs Migos held as teenagers, and the “lost” hard drive that was actually just misplaced.

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