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Despite the fact that many of us still play his songs like that came out this year, it’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Musiq Soulchild.

One of the last times the neo-soul legend did an interview, he revealed that he was changing his name and image to just to start selling more records. Luckily, the Musiq Soulchild that we all know and love is back, and he’s opening up to us about all things Musiq.

Although he’s been under the radar for a while, the “Love” singer is still in the mix when it comes to making business moves. The singer, who has been denim connoisseur his entire career, revealed that he’s currently working on app called “Deni-moji”, saying, “{It’s] basically a denim-based, style, sticker-based, emoji app.” Musiq says he has no plans to do a clothing line, despite the fact that his nickname could be the denim god.

He revealed that the real reason for his denim obsession back in the day was, “I did try to follow the industry a little bit and try to play the dress up game. It just never really fit, so I was like ‘let me just stick to what I’m good at.’ And denim goes with everything. I like to that to parallel my music. My music goes with everything.”

As for his highly anticipated upcoming project, Music says we can expect the same amazing vocals as we have before from the 4-track long, double disc project. He told us, “Each song was definitely, deliberately recorded. Each song had my undivided attention. And shout out to everybody that I’ve worked with. A lot of them are just my homies — people I’ve been wanting to put on.  We get caught up, I think, in this industry. We feel like we gotta have certain names and people that we have to work with in order to get that look. It’s no diss to nobody but what about people that you actually, personally know. And I wasn’t do them no favor, I feel like they deserve it.”

The Philly native also opened up to up about the new wave of music and the disconnect between generations when it comes to paying homage and respecting what’s new.

His new project Feel The Real is available in stores now.


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