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Dove Self-Esteem Project

Source: George Pimentel / Getty

If you’re not already familiar with Khadi Don, you should get yourself familiar. She’s a comedienne on social media known for her parody videos that she posts to Instagram and Twitter.

On Sunday, the topic of the day was most definitely a Dove ad campaign that seemed to miss the mark completely, causing outrage. When screenshots hit the internet of a black woman taking off her shirt to reveal a white woman underneath, conclusions were drawn and a many found the commercial offensive–though when actual footage of the entire commercial dropped outside of the screenshots, a good amount of viewers agreed that in-context, the ad was a lot better.

Regardless of Dove’s apology and the video of the actual ad being thought by many to not be offensive at all, jokes are always going to fly. Khadi Don got on her parody game real quick and dropped this gem below:

Khadi captures perfectly exactly what everyone was thinking after seeing an ad where a model seemingly turns from black to white after using Dove.