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WE tv Celebrates The Premiere Of 'Kendra On Top' And 'Driven To Love' - Arrivals

Source: Paul Archuleta / Getty

We’ve seen a lot of female rappers come and go, but none of them have remained as consistent as Trina.

Since hitting the scene in the late 90’s and proclaiming that she’s the baddest chick, the queen of Miami has only gotten badder and finer with time. Just one scroll through her delicious Instagram page will remind you of how important of a gem she is to the culture.

From the era of Kims and Foxys to days of Nicki and Cardi — Trina is still holding the title as the baddest chick: Earlier this week, the the Florida native announced that she’d be taking her talents to Miami radio with longtime collaborator and friend Trick Daddy, and the Internet was in a frenzy.

Which further proves that you should never sleep on The Baddest Chick.

Hit the flip for more proof on why Trina is THAT.

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