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Waka Flocka  is one of many famous faces to make his way to Blitz 2017 in New York City. His first stop after he walked through the doors was to chat with BlogXilla about his new Queens-to-Atlanta come-up and his one critique of the 2Pac biopic All Eyez On Me.

As for his own new music, Waka has already dropped  “Trap My Ass Off” and “Circles,” and more is on the way. But what about Flockavelli 2? “Flockavelli is who I started in the rap game as. I ain’t give a f*ck. And through the career I became Waka Flocka Flame  just a party nigga,” he says. “Because that actually took me out of what I came in the game doing, just making ignorant music. That’s what the mainstream America call ignorant music, but to me,  I call that Hip Hop.”

As for criticism from some fans that he is no longer, indeed, making Hip Hop, he says, “Because that ain’t what people are listening to today.” He continues, “I was like one of the first of the young guns. I’m a Internet rapper, my n*gga. No matter how street I try to act, I’m an Internet rapper. So I was like one of the first Internet rappers.”

Of course, given the Blitz’s focus on rising stars in the rap game, we had to ask Flock about his early days before his come up: “My first radio showcase, I was in Atlanta. I was doing open mics. I did four open mics every week until my record popped,” he says. “For like a year-and-a-half, a year. Literally, I went to every open mic in Georgia. I ain’t care where it was. I was in Queens, I’m going to Staten Island for open mic. That’s how I was.”

Even we have to admit Flocka got very deep for a red carpet interview. Check out everything he had to say by watching the video above.