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Apple Store Soho Presents: Meet The Cast - 'Breaking Bad'

Source: Rahav Segev / Getty

The owners of the Breaking Bad home are still having issues with fans of the show throwing pizza at their roof.

Joanne Quintana says she and her mom get hundreds of visitors at their Albuquerque, New Mexico home each week. They all want to see where the infamous Walter White lived and many of them also want to reenact the most memorable scenes from the show (hence the pizza throwing).

Quintana and her mom have had to begin the process of installing a 6-foot fence around their home to keep the tourists out, as so many people come by that they’ve literally lost count at this point. “We feel like we can’t leave because when we do, something happens and that’s ridiculous,” she told KOB4. “They feel the need to tell us to close our garage, get out of the picture, you know – tell us what to do with our own property,” she said, adding “We don’t want to gate ourselves in. We’re the ones who’s being locked up. We did nothing wrong.”

Insane. Watch the Breaking Bad scene that inspired the Quintana family’s personal hell just above—and maybe, stop throwing pizza at their house?

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