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Linkin Park Perform At The 02

Source: Burak Cingi / Getty

Chester Bennington devastatingly took his life in July, shocking fans and causing sadness among the music community and the world. Other footage and pictures from only a few days before the incident has since surfaced, and shows Chester looking happier than ever–showing that depression doesn’t always look like people might think.

The latest footage to surface was shot just 6 days before the Linkin Park frontman’s unfortunate death. Chester was on an episode of James Corden‘s series Carpool Karaoke singing a medly of song’s including Outkast’s “Hey Ya” and a few others. He was also accompanied by Ken Jeong riding shotgun.

The video opens with a message before showing the footage of Bennington that reads: “With the blessing of Chester’s family and his bandmates, we share this episode and dedicate it to the memory of Chester.” The video is a great tribute to the late singer and really shows him in good spirits as a beautiful way to remember the star.

You can watch the full episode of Carpool Karaoke with Chester Bennington here.