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Oscar Viewing Party At The Box To Benefit 'Only Make Believe'

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Paul Mooney has never been one to bite his tongue. The tell-it-like-it-is comedian is going to give you the real each and every time. Such was the case when recounting his first time meeting Real Housewives of Atlanta star and budding comedian NeNe Leakes.

NeNe has always been transparent about wanting to branch off from her reality TV roots to add “comedian” to her resume. After a few successful TV and theater gigs, including a slot of Glee, The New Normal and Cinderella on Broadway, NeNe has been getting serious about stand up comedy. Unfortunately, her first go at it ended disastrously when she was recently booted from Xscape’s tour after hurling a cruel rape joke at a heckler.

Now, it seems she’s made another misstep by meeting the legendary comedian without apparently having done her research. Mooney posted a picture of himself posing with NeNe and another woman, captioning the photo: “Sometimes? grin n bear it. I met NeNe, she never heard of me, Paul Mooney/ Godfather of comedy? How is she a comedian?”

Paul Mooney is widely famous for his hard hitting stand up routines where he makes unfiltered commentary on race, culture and politics. He’s written for other legendary acts like Richard Pryor and starred in unforgettable skits on Chappelle’s Show. We have to admit – its hard to believe someone pursuing a career in comedy wouldn’t know of Paul Mooney. However, maybe there’s a chance NeNe just blanked on his name? (it happens!) We have to hear both sides.

IMAGE CREDIT: Getty, Twitter