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Houston-bred menswear and lifestyle content creator Jovel Roystan has a true knack for sparking inspiration in the way of trendsetting amongst his peers. So, as NYC (awkwardly) transitions into Fall, Global Grind tapped the young go-getter to help simplify your lives. The self-proclaimed “regular guy with way too much clothing,” who currently serves as ASOS US’ social media executive, revealed five Fall fashion must-haves, needed in every male closet. Get into it below:

1. The Go-To Sweater

Jovel: “Every guy needs a piece in their closet that they can totally rely on throughout the season at hand. In the Fall, that savior should be a comfortable, but hella stylish, sweater or sweatshirt that you can slip into at the last-minute— and still looks on point, no matter the occasion. Like your outerwear fit, this should fall in line with your personal style, so think about the textures, graphics, and patterns that make you feel your freshest and then select a piece that matches. But make sure you don’t skimp on the comfort factor. Again, Fall is all about the cozy feels, so take advantage of that and look relaxed AF everywhere you go.”

2. The Perfect Outerwear Piece

“This one really is all about your personal steez, but save up and invest in an outerwear hero that’s as eye-catching as it is durable,” he advised. “For my sportier guys, a strong bomber is a good option and can be layered up or down, as the weather calls for it. For the boys who keep it cleaner and a bit more conservative, a longline trench or overcoat is a classic winner. And for the guys who aren’t afraid to get bold, a faux fur coat is an easy victory.”

3. The Chelsea Boot

“If you ask me, this is a year-round essential, but no other season makes the Chelsea Boot feel more right than Fall,” Jovel told Global Grind. “They’re one of the supreme pairs of kicks when it comes to versatility—trust me on that, as I wear mine with suits, jeans, and joggers. If you’re going for just one pair, I’d stick with a classic tan variation; but if you’re really into the trend, get three strong, but equally unique pairs: think (1) stacked, (2) belted, and (3) dark—i.e. chocolate brown or black.”

4. Versatile Joggers

“Fall is basically the ultimate time to stay cozy, yet cool. With that said, a clean pair of joggers that works from your office to the bar to brunch to the couch is a major win for your cool-weather wardrobe,” Jovel said of the popular trend.

5. Tartan Prints

 “Whether it’s a strong statement scarf or a fresh flannel from Off-White, you can’t go through the months ahead without Fall/Winter’s quintessential pattern,” he adds. “Switch it up with different colorways and designs to keep the plaid action going all season long.”

Follow Jovel on Instagram or visit his personal website for more tips on how to keep your wardrobe fresh.

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