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Mary J Meet & Greet

Source: StarterCam / Radio One

According to a story Pink told on SiriusXM, Mary J. Blige keeps it a hundred on and off the stage.

Pink chatted it up on “Morning MashUp,” and told a hilarious story about approaching Mary for a collaboration. “I went in her trailer a long time ago, I think it was when I hosted the Lady of Soul Train, or ‘Soul Train Awards,’” Pink said. “I walked into her trailer and I was like, ‘Hi! Would you ever work with me?’ She just took one look at me and she goes, ‘No.’ I go, ‘Okay. I love you, Mary. I’ll see you again.’”

Despite being flat out rejected, Pink admired Mary J.’s honesty. “That’s what I love about her,” she added. “I respect it.” You can check out Pink’s story yourself in the clip below.