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Some of the best television shows not only craft an amazing story that keeps the audience engaged, but they also leave room to let our imagination roll. From The Office to The Cosby Show, we picked 6 television shows and dove into their fan theories about the show. Did Heathcliff Huxtable drug his family at a BBQ? Was Tommy from Martin really a drug dealer all this time? Here are some of the wildest fan theories we could find.

Tommy from ‘Martin’ was a drug dealer. There was a running joke on the show that Tommy ain’t got no job, leading many people to believe that he was a drug dealer. A popular theory uses an episode where Hustle Man tried to sell Martin a pizza, Tommy heads to the door and pulls out a wad of cash to justify this myth. In actuality, Tommy was a counselor and several episodes were based on his job. Including a Christmas episode where Martin dressed up like Santa to visit the kids. Our friends over at Bossip also verify Tommy’s job with Tisha Campbell.

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