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Beside producing some pretty great music, Mac Miller is also known for having an outlandish Twitter personality. He’s always been a funny guy in real everyday life, but on Twitter, his hilariousness reaches another level entirely.

Sometimes, though, we all need to head to Twitter to ask the serious questions, the ones that keep us up at night–and for Mr. Miller, that’s about pistachios, and how they even exist in the first place.

Lucky for Mac, since he’s a celebrity with millions of followers, he got all the answers he needed to find out exactly how pistachios “happen.” Some of the answers were more helpful than others, but all in all, it’s entertaining to see just how many people are really flabbergasted at the growing of this intriguing nut. Check out some of the most entertaining and educational tweets fans offered for Mac Miller below, and if you didn’t already know how pistachios grow, be prepared to be amazed.


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