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Every once in a while, a certain hashtag starts to circulate throughout Twitter, resulting in everybody doing their best to make the funniest scenario relating to the hashtag at hand–it’s been so popular in the past, Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show even made a whole weekly segment out of it. Whether it’s creating fake movie names or just telling stories about your childhood, there’s nothing off limits when it comes to what will trend from the circulation of a certain hashtag.

The latest hashtag that’s got everybody talking is #signsyourmarriedtoaspy, which is causing a lot of people to think creatively in order to get these jokes off. Whether it’s some obvious James Bond references–or even a couple of references from Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery–some of these Tweets that poke fun at the things a spy spouse would do are absolutely hilarious.

If you’re not already up on this game sweeping across the internet today, make sure to gather up your best spy references and get going with the jokes. Otherwise, just sit back, relax, and read some of the best #signsyouremarriedtoaspy tweets on the next few pages.

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