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Just a little over a week ago, Vince Staples did an interview with NPR in which he talked about how his last album Big Fish Theory deserved Electronic Album Of The Year, among  other nominations at the 2018 Grammys. Now that the nominations have all been announced, it’s public information that the Long Beach native unfortunately didn’t receive any nominations. In the same aforementioned interview, though he expressed that he thinks he deserves all of the Grammys, he wasn’t holding his breath on the matter–he knows exactly how the industry works.

Now that the nominations are out, Staples took it upon himself to get ahead of the headlines and comment on his lack of nominations himself. He started off his response to the hypothetical questions by simply saying, “dont talk to me about the grammys,” and then goes on to talk about how people should have listened to the album more if they really felt it deserved to win awards.

He caps off those first few tweets by clarifying in layman’s terms what he means by letting people know they like trophies too much: he doesn’t actually care about the Grammy awards like that. Just because somebody says that they think they deserve an award, does not necessarily mean they’re super upset when that isn’t acknowledged by whatever award show higher power.

After these tweets, he focused more on replying to people who took the time out of their day to argue with Vince about his own thoughts on awards. Click through to the next few pages to see Staples’ spot-on replies to all of the “fans” in his mentions not understanding anything that’s going on.

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