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Source: John Greim / Getty

Sometimes all it takes is a little magic to get things done.

Teenager Drew Anthony had a pretty rough upbringing, growing up in the inner city without his father who was killed in a drive by shooting when Anthony was just 3. But against the odds, he continued to excel in school, even learning to speak German and Italian.

Anthony’s dream of being an Opera star is what really kept him afloat — until he was forced out of college last year because he couldn’t afford the tuition. But the magic of the Universe was on young Anthony’s side. St. Luke’s choral director invited Anthony to perform one night, which went on to be Anthony’s greatest performance of his life so far.

That day, the audience raised $40,000 for Drew — enough to cover his next year of college. This video is proof that dreams do come true if you allow them to work themselves out.