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Kanye West 'Touch The Sky Tour 2006' at Yokohama Blitz in Tokyo - April 5, 2006

Source: Jun Sato / Getty

Every year when certain award shows rolls around, there are certain moments from past years that fans will bring up time and time again. One of those special, unforgettable moments was a Kanye West speech, and no matter what year it is or who actually wins that night, you better believe people are going to reminisce on one of  Mr. West’s most well-known moments.

In 2005, Kanye West won the Grammy for Best Rap Album for his debut project, College Dropout. Now in 2018, it’s insane to look back at something that happened over a decade ago and think, “Kanye still hasn’t changed.” His acceptance speech after winning this award was one of the most memorable of all time, and without fail, a bunch of people were reminiscing on this dope moment on Sunday night while watching this year’s ceremony.

That iconic ending line, “Everbody wanted to know what I would do if I didn’t win….I guess we’ll never know” has been ingrained in the minds of every hip-hop fan. It’s a hard speech to follow up seeing as 13 years later, people still refer to it as one of the best of all time.

Take a look at what some people had to say about this epic moment over a decade later, and if you’ve never seen this speech, you’ve got some catching up to do.