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Travis Scott Spares No Expense For Kylie’s “Push Present”


Travis Scott is out here applying pressure for new fathers/fathers to be by dropping one of the dopest “push presents” of all time on his boo Kylie Jenner. For those of you still unsure as to  what exactly a ‘push present’ is, it’s a gift provided by the father of the child to the mother of the child congratulating her on a successful birthing process.  Travis went out and spent a modest $1.4 million on a Ferrari. The V-12 engine capable of 788-horsepower and has the ability to go from 0-60MPH in under three seconds is bound to have all the soccer moms jealous.

Fellas thinking about getting the mother of your child the same gift? Thats unfortunate because the car  is rumored to have sold out before ‘the world even knew it existed’.



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