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Cynthia Nixon is not playing games when it comes to her run for New York governor.

The Sex and the City actress and native New Yorker especially seems to be taking her racial justice platform seriously.

On Wednesday, she released a video championing marijuana legalization in New York. She cited racial disparities in marijuana-related arrests as a reason to legalize the substance for everyone. Check out her comments below!

Marijuana arrests are definitely something that disproportionately affect Black people.

Is Miss Cynthia already grabbing the attention of the melanated folks?


Let’s move on.

Along with Cynthia’s Twitter post on Tuesday, she also made an appearance at a concert for the iconic hip hop duo Eric B. & Rakim. On Sunday night, at Irving Plaza in New York City, Cynthia made a speech a couple of minutes into their set.

While much of the audience were full of cheers, a few “boos” could be heard in the background. There’s no telling if the “boos” were directed at Cynthia as a candidate, or if folks were just annoyed that she took three whole minutes of their concert time.


Either way, Cynthia did bring up some major issues she’d like to address as governor — once again, issues that heavily affect Black people, including ending the school to prison pipeline, ending cash bail, and more.

Check out her spill for yourself below.


Cythia is no stranger to showing up where the Black folks are.

She announced her candidacy in Brownsville, Brooklyn — a mostly Black neighborhood that Cynthia says is vulnerable to issues like “lack of affordable housing and the tyranny of landlords.”

It seems like Miranda got some “woke” in her.


But will it be enough? Do you think the Sex and the City star will put actions to her words?

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