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2016 Lollapalooza - Day 4

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While speaking with journalist Nadeska Alexis at Coachella, Vince Staples shared his thoughts on R. Kelly.

“R. Kelly never went to jail, he’s a fucking child molester,” said Staples as Alexis tried to direct the conversation towards a less explicit topic.

Vince refused to be silenced, however. Alexis, who also hosts Complex’s “Everyday Struggle,” tried to slip in friendly reminders that his tangent could get her in trouble, but he didn’t let up, even calling Kelly illiterate.

“I’m a good person, R. Kelly’s a piece of fucking shit. If he didn’t go to jail for being a child molester and peeing on people and having a human trafficking ring in Atlanta, then I’ll be aight.”

Nadeska was clearly worried about losing her new job at Coachella, but Mr. Staples must have run out of f***’s to give that night.

He didn’t tell any lies, though.

Watch the full video below.

This isn’t the first time Staples came for Robert. In July 2017, Staples used his Twitter account to call out R. Kelly after rumors that he was running a child sex ring broke.

He tweeted, “This nigga R Kelly is a fool,” he wrote, before posting a photograph of the Chicago crooner in his Pied Piper costume. “Look at this nigga,” he added. “I can’t believe y’all call me weird. I ain’t never wore a super villain disguise & a headband.”

He added, “Since you love R kelly so much have him perform at your daughters next birthday party. No? Ok thought so … I don’t care if you wrote the Happy Birthday song if you pee pee on a 9th grade girl I’m never giving you a pass the jokes flying.”

“I’m curious on why yall care so much he clearly aint care enough if he pee pee’d on a child on tape. The man pee pee’d on his own furniture,” Staples wrote. “Look, I won’t deny the music y’all don’t deny the pee pee. Deal? Cool.”