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Until last week, no one ever had a bad thing to say about Nas. But after his ex-wife Kelis recently admitted that he mentally and physically abused her, it’s painfully obvious that our GOAT is doing some serious damage control.


On Monday, Nas went on Instagram to let it be known that their son Knight is the only thing that truly matters amidst the drama between him and Kelis.


Not only is Nasir proving his ex right by showing that he cares way too much about his image — he also posted a full face photo of their son (most likely out of spite), which Kelis has strategically and intentionally avoided in Knight’s nine years of life.


Petty much?  2018 isn’t playing about exposing folks for who they are. Shout out to Kelis for her bravery. And Nas, we were all rooting for you.



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