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In Friday tweets that were quickly deleted, former ESPN anchor and current right-wing-pundit Britt McHenry claimed she was demoted at her former job because she’s White.

In response to tweets about her departure from ESPN, McHenry tweeted, “I was demoted because I was white & I made too much. First to go.“

McHenry lost her job in the April 2017 cuts that sent several of ESPN’s most beloved contributors to the unemployment line.

After being axed, McHenry has become an outspoken #MAGA supporter who claims had conservative views put her in bad standing with ESPN’s executives. She was suspended for a week in 2015 after video of her verbally abusing a tow-truck employee went viral.

The sideline reporter soon deleted her tweets and tried to clean her statements up in an interview with Deadspin.

“I think there were a number of factors into laying me off,” McHenry told Deadspin’s Samer Kalaf. “I wish nothing but the best for the people there.”

Roughly 100 other employees of all backgrounds were also laid off in 2017.

The day before claiming her skin got we fired, McHenry trended for suggesting that Washington Redksins cheerleaders who had been sexually harassed should suck up the abuse. “If you don’t want to be treated like a ‘sex object,’ perhaps don’t be one for $.”

Twitter user @JonnyRoss9 quickly pointed out that being a “sex object” may very well be what got Brit her gig at ESPN in the first place.

No surprise, McHenry didn’t have any proof to back up her serious claims of discrimination when contacted by Deadspin.

Kalaf reports that, “ESPN, which apparently now employs zero white people in prominent positions, declined to comment on McHenry’s claim.”

As @ChipReiderson asked after her tweets disappeared: “Why’d you delete your tweets? Tell us more about beleaguered you are and how the man is keeping you down.” Remembering the tow-truck man she berated, Chip added, “She told parking attendant how successful she is but now she’s being picked on? Which is it?”

“‘Oochie Wally’ or ‘One Mic,’” Britt?