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Move over King and Dream — Blac Chyna‘s got a new kid to raise, whom she also happens to be dating.


Chyna can try to fool us about her love for YBN Almighty Jay all she wants, but we see the pics, and we all get the same, cringeworthy feeling when looking at the odd pair.  Even Chy’s mom, Tokyo Toni agrees that Jay is way too young:


However, Jay’s homie, YBN Nahmir says that they pair are actually in love.



We don’t know what in the child services is going on with Blac Chyna these days, but we do know that the vixen turned 31-years old this year, which makes her relationship with the 18-year old rapper even more uncomfortable to look at.


Speaking of nauseating discomfort, check out all the times YBN Almighty Jay actually looked like he could be  Blac Chyna’s son.

Prepare to be thoroughly confused.



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