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While scrolling through my IG feed on Monday evening, I came across a beautiful Black family with photos so pristine I initially thought they had to be actors or models working on a project of some sort. It turns out Writer and Speaker of Words Ezekiel Azonwu took professional photos with his real life wife Kiyanna Azonwu—and those are their real life kids posing and serving with all that poise. If I had to guess, I’d say the theme was Black excellence, Black opulence, Black decadence…because damn it, they shut it TF down. Meanwhile, your bebe kids crying at the mere mention of “say cheese”…lmao, I digress.

Introducing their fifth child through these beautiful photos (swipe left), Mr. Azonwu also took the opportunity to share a message with his followers and it’s a word many of us could stand to apply to various areas of our lives.

He wrote, “Yes it’s true! We are welcoming another child into this world soon! 🙌🏾. To be honest, when my wife and I first discovered the news, we both fell into a depression like slump. WE WERE DONE! Four children was more than enough for us. Due to schedule one of us weren’t able to “seal the deal” on time, and weeks before the potential appointment, BOOM! I had to come to my senses after about a week. I reminded my wife there are things to mourn over, but a life is not one of them, so we ceased all negative talk surrounding this pregnancy and began to see how God had his hand on it all. We planned to keep it a secret until about 5 months, then it really just started feeling great to be able to limit when and what we allow the public to consume about us. So she’s due in a month! Granted this won’t be easy, but God will make it possible! ALL of our children are a blessing from God, and this final one will be no different! @thisisglory I love you, you’re a superhero. P.S. it’s a boy. And yes this is it 😅 we’ve ‘sealed the deal.'”

What a beautiful family. More photos below.

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