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Arrested Development has been a cult-classic TV show since it first aired on Fox back in 2003, but it’s only picked up more steam since it’s premature Fox cancellation and Netflix revival 10 years later. Now, season 5 has arrived to the streaming service 5 years following its initial resuscitation, and there is a lot at stake.

Fans were obviously excited at the chance to hang out with the dysfunctional Bluth family once more, even though reviews for season 4 back in 2013 were almost completely negative. That excitement was stifled once a New York Times interview showed tension and a lack of passion between the cast, namely Jeffrey Tambor and his male cast mates against a crying Jessica Walter. This encounter turned off many from the show, but of course, die-hard fans are still going to watch regardless.

Season 5 premiered on Netflix on Tuesday, and it’s already garnering mixed reviews. Check out what the people of Twitter had to say about the series upon feasting their eyes on some new episodes.


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