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Bobby Shmurda

Source: Bennett Raglin/BET / Getty

Back in 2008, New York Governor David Patterson pardoned Hip Hop pioneer Slick Rick for attempted murder and weapons convictions to help him avoid deportation.

After Kim Kardashian convinced the president that shall not be named to pardon Alice JohnsonVanity Fair says that “the president’s son-in-law is gearing up for a big pardon push.”

Kim Kardashian reportedly gave Jared Kushner a list of people to pardon, and some are rappers. “They’re going to be pardoning a lot of people—pardons that even Obama wouldn’t do,” the person said,” said Vanity Fair’s sources.

Boosie and Gucci are already free, but if Agent Orange is about to let some folks go, here’s a few names that need to be on the list.

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