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Twitter isn’t feeling Sway Calloway’s recent interview with upcoming artist Nick Grant.

When the legendary DJ and journalist asked Grant, “Why did you put this out?” in reference to his song and video “Black Woman,” you would think he was asking about what inspired it, but he took the a different line of questioning.

“I mean, you alienate a lot of woman who aren’t Black, but it seemed like it was directed toward misguided youth.”

Grant handled the question smoothly, clarifying that he has love for all women, but was inspired by the Black women in his life who he feels don’t get enough attention and respect, yet Sway found a way to make it even weirder: “Yea but to the Asian women and the Latina women and the Caucasian women, Swedish women, German, French,” Sway made Nick face the camera and say he loved them all too.

Then Sway got a little chatty and asked if Nick would date outside of his race. Nick side-stepped the question again but the body language speaks for itself.

Not sure if Sway was tap-dancing for the TRL demo, or truly concerned about Nick’s career and dating prospects.