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Remy Martin Presents 'The Producers Series: Season 2' Qualifier No. 2

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Charlamagne Tha God has been having one hell of a Summer, and not in the best way.

A 5-year old interview has been making it’s rounds on social media of the Breakfast Club host detailing how he was once accused of raping a minor in the early 2000’s. Charla revealed in the clip that he actually took the charge for his younger cousin who was just graduating high school at the time.


But the “cancel Charlamagne” hole got deeper after a 2015 clip from his Brilliant Idiots podcast surfaced with C recounting the time he gave a woman Spanish Fly and had sex with her while she was wasted.


Once the Internet got hold of the old clip, someone did some more digging and a found a VladTV interview from 2013 of the host describing how he hit a woman during sex back when he was a teenager.

After weeks of getting blasted on social media, Charlamagne finally decided to address all the videos and ignorant comments he made in the past regarding rape culture.


Jessica Reid, the young woman who accused the C Tha God of raping her when she was 15 years old (he was 22 at the time)  has decided to take her case to South Carolina Supreme Court.

The story is still developing.