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HBOs Insecure Block Party

Source: Josh Blanchard / FilmMagic for HBO

Last night, Insecure fans got together online to live tweet the first episode of the highly anticipated third season. We didn’t know exactly what to expect from Issa and Molly but we had a feeling that it would be spicy, shady, and hilarious—and whew chile, it was.

So, what did you miss? Below we’ve highlighted the most tweeted about moments…but before you get into that, we want to shoutout Saweetie, City Girls, and Cardi B for making the soundtrack. Alexa, play “ICY GRL.”

So, let us begin…Daniel is hitting everything BUT Issa.

And long story short, Issa needs a new job STAT.

It turns out Dro wasn’t lying y’all…it appears he and his wife do have an open marriage.

There was a Party Lyft and it was LIT.

Yea, we salty too Luvvie.

Daniel tried to kiss Issa after smashing chicks in front of her.

But Issa shut it down real quick.

But then spilled her guts later, of course.

Dro just trippin’.

Pretty much…

Basically, he ain’t hear for Molly’s “boundaries.” He got buck with her REAL f**kin’ quick.

Daniel playing too.

But what it all came down to was THIS.


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