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Mac Miller Album Listening

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Last Friday, the music world was hit hard by the news of Mac Miller‘s death.

Though his cause of death has yet to be confirmed, TMZ says an apparent overdose had something to do with it. The rapper has had a notable struggle with substance abuse — as well as other emotional issues — which he often talked about in his lyrics.

But despite the dark times in Miller’s life, fellow artists and fans chose to highlight the amazing things about Mac Miller after his passing.

Some major figures, including, Chance the Rapper, Q-Tip, Missy and Questlove kept saying how sweet a guy he was…

Meanwhile, Childish Gambino took time out of his whole performance to emphasize the kind of guy Mac was. Before performing a song in tribute to him, Childish told the audience, “He was the sweetest guy. He was so nice. And we were both Internet music kids, and a lot of critics were like ‘this corny-ass white dude, this corny-ass black dude,’ and we used to talk. And this kid, he just loved music.”

Rappers like Talib Kweli also explained how Mac really had a love for hip hop and he often spoke up on issues of racism when the time was necessary.


Even Kendrick Lamar made sure the world knew about Mac’s greatness on Open Late with Peter Rosenberg

Fans continued to celebrate Mac as well.

According to 11 News, a vigil for him was held in his hometown of Pittsburgh on Tuesday at Blue Slide Park, a location he named one of his albums after.

Meanwhile, folks on social media immortalized his star status on building walls…




And other artistic mediums…


To say the rapper will be missed would be an understatement.

According to TMZ, his casket is being flown from L.A. (where he died) to Pittsburgh and a Jewish funeral service is expected to happen this week.

It’s clear his legacy will live on for years to come.