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If Will Smith is the King of Instagram, Jada Pinkett Smith is certainly the queen. The actress and Red Table Talk guru returned to IG with enough wisdom to last us a lifetime. From sharing her thoughts on what it means to truly love someone to being honest about her own personal struggles and mistakes, Smith’s presence upended social media with the kind of clarity and profound insight we just don’t see everyday. And thankfully, there are zero signs that she’ll slow down anytime soon.

Here are 14 of her most inspirational and evocative Instagram moments. Shoutout to mama love for the assists.

Expectations can steal your joy.

Parents will make mistakes.

God has a plan.

Hurt people, hurt people.

People who love you will mess up, despite truly loving you.

Deep love is excruciating.

Not everybody you love is meant to be the person you build a life with.

You are your own best friend.

Your happiness comes first.

Learning to forgive yourself will help you learn how to forgive others.

Embrace your Sahara desert.

Love cannot be created where the ego exists.

Keep stepping.

After acceptance, comes peace. Then, happiness follows.