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Desus Nice and The Kid Mero are known for a lot of things beyond just being funny, and one of those is their always fresh sneaker choices. It’s only right that the pair finally made their way to Complex’s series Sneaker Shopping, where the duo met up with Joe La Puma to talk about their relationship to shoes at Stadium Goods in New York City.

The Bronx natives are most well known for their Viceland series, Desus & Mero, where Desus continues to boast on the fact that throughout their 200+ shows, he never once repeated a pair–beside Timbs, of course (and on their Complex show Desus vs. Mero, they never repeated a t-shirt). Since their show was abruptly ended back in June and we have to wait until sometime in 2019 for the new Showtime gig, their appearance on Sneaker Shopping was heavily awaited by bodega hive members waiting for that sweet, sweet Desus & Mero fix–and it did not disappoint.

While on the topic of shoes, one of the most prevalent things for the comedians to talk about while on the show is the Bronx’s favorite sneakers: The Uptown, the Timberland, and the Clark Wallabees for when you need to wear a formal shoe in the club. Mero mentions his love for the Jordan 11 and not being able to buy them as a kid, which made him feel it was necessary to buy a pair once he finally got money of his own. Desus discusses how people at school would know who had fugazee sneakers by the Jordan logo being a little bit off, saying they had to walk around school trying to hid the fake Jumpman to avoid being clowned.

On the topic of the boys’ love for their Timbs, Joe La Puma brings up the fact that Desus and Mero both like to wear sneakers in Timberland colorways. They both talk about the beauty of a sneaker that looks like a Timberland and an Uptown had sex one night and combined to make their perfect shoe–what could be more desirable for two guys from the Bronx?

When talking about Kanye West, both agree that the Red Octobers are one of the best sneakers ever made. They also agree that Kanye kept his word with making the Yeezys widely available for the masses to buy, which they give him props for.

As the episode wraps up, the Bodega Boys spend a whopping $4,000 on their sneaker choices, and go home with 9 pairs between them.

You can peep the entire episode below:

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