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If you’re a true Dave Chappelle fan, you have followed his career for decades, watching him dominate stage after stage. We’ve seen him in films such as The Nutty Professor, Half Baked, and Blue Streak. We’ve watched him leave us in complete stitches during the two seasons of his Comedy Central sketch comedy series, Chappelle’s Show. But what we hardly ever get to see is Dave Chappelle in a serious role.

Dave’s hilarious and his ability to be funny is, without a doubt, a given. It’s almost natural for him. However, in Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born, hitting theaters October 5th,  we are getting to see a side of Dave that we rarely, if ever, get to see on screen. We are getting to see Dave behind all of the jokes and laughs and honestly, it’s about time.

Even though A Star Is Born isn’t all about Dave, he’s definitely the star that was born on this movie. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. We’ve Never Had Vulnerable Dave Before

Dave Chappelle speaks at the Duke Ellington School for The Arts Graduation

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As we said before, vulnerable Dave is pretty non-existent as far as films go. According to Dave, he has Bradley Cooper’s direction to thank for his ability to pull off the role so flawlessly.

“The types of movies I’ve done in my career, they’re always hard comedies,” said Chappelle. “[Directors] will kind of weigh in sometimes but Bradley, the way he directed me and the way we would talk about a scene, the way he would create an environment that would give me the courage to actually be vulnerable in a way that comedy wouldn’t let me be. I never felt threatened or unsafe. He would always tell me sometimes that he would not let me look bad and I believed him.”

2. Dave Chappelle Is A Genius

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According to Bradley Cooper, not only is Dave Chappelle a natural, he’s damn near a genius. Hey, we knew this already but it’s still great to hear others say it.

Cooper says, “I loved our dynamic and I couldn’t get it out of our mind. I knew that he would set a rhythm that I would then follow and edit towards.


3. Dave Chappelle Is Willing To Learn

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One thing about Dave Chappelle is that despite being 45 years old with over 25 years in the industry, he knows that he can never know too much. Dave Chappelle is always willing to learn and that’s what makes him a star.

Bradley Cooper can attest to just how great Dave is on set. He says, “There’s something about Dave and how he is as a human being, he’s such an observer. And I thought if I can capture that, it would be perfect.”


Watch Bradley Cooper and Dave Chappelle talk A Star Is Born below.