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The weather is changing. The coats are getting heavier. The sun goes down earlier. And the desire to be cuddled up, spending time with the one you like is at an all time high.

In millennial lingo, we summarize all those feels with one term: Cuffing Season. It feels like we were just flipping burgers on the grill for Labor Day — now folks are scanning their recent dating rosters to see who’s good enough to spend the majority of their time with for the next eight months or so. One Twitter user joked, “It’s cuffing season baby. time to lose ur sense of self and merge identities w another person bc it’s cold outside.”

While some folks are scrambling to decide between their top three eligible candidates — some of us are just fine staying aboard the “single and lovin’ it” train. Bustle recently did an article on why Cuffing Season is an awesome time to be single, and it brought up many valid points. Heather Ebert, a dating and relationship expert at, told the site, “Cuffing season is, in part, a result of societal pressure dating. A lot of it has to do with singles not wanting to show up alone when they go home for the holidays. Some people want to be showered with gifts … others just want to cuddle up next to someone to stay warm.”

She added, “It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of cuffing season and rush to settle down for the winter. But those romances are unlikely to outlast the cold because they’re rushed and usually not met with intentions of lasting any longer. Instead of focusing on settling down for the last part of the year, spend some time on yourself and with your family.”

Let’s do something a little different this go round, and celebrate the uncoupled and uncuffed this year with seriously Anti-Cuffing Season songs. If you’re super single, feel free to add your own to the list.


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