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The Rewind Episode 6

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Global Grind’s bullies, DJ Franchise and Landon Levarius are back once again for another episode of The Rewind. Every week we get our experts to discuss the cultural happenings of the last week and then rate them from a 1-10. In case you have been living under a rock, The Rewind will always be here to get you right.

Last week, Takeoff released his first ever solo project outside of the Migos. The album is titled “The Last Rocket” and dropped on November 2nd. Did he indeed take off? It’s been often said that Takeoff, although rather silent and less outgoing than his counterparts, is the better rapper of the three Migos.  Despite getting left off “Bad & Bougie”, Takeoff manages to hold his own. However, does being the better Migos rapper necessarily make him a great lyricist? DJ Franchise and Landon Levarius are super hip hop heads and they’ve got a lot to say.

Landon actually enjoys the fact that Takeoff doesn’t mumble rap for the entire album, citing that “The Martian”, the album’s first track, is his favorite.

While Landon, being the Southerner that he is,  is rocking with Takeoff’s latest effort, DJ Franchise is not feeling it one bit. The words “sucked” and “garbage” were thrown around a few times, actually.

Landon and Franchise debate the Takeoff album and then fire off with their 1 to 10 rating. Find out what they had to say when you press play.

Also, The Meg is coming to DVD very very soon. The film, which stars Jason Statham,  is about a rescue diver who has been recruited to save an underwater crew from a 75 foot long prehistoric shark known as the Megalodon that was previously thought to be extinct but ends up attacking a deep sea submersible. The film hit theaters in early August and is now set to be released on DVD on November 13th.

Do you think Landon Levarius and DJ Franchise are excited to watch the film at home? The two have a difference in opinion once again. One person thinks the movie completely sucked and the other thinks it was great! Find out what they rate The Meg and whether or not you should check it out for yourself when you watch this week’s episode of Global Grind’s The Rewind.

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