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Season 9 of Love & Hip Hop New York aired on Monday and judging by the amount of people tweeting about it last night, it still reigns as fans favorite city in the franchise. Once again, Black Twitter joined together as a family to talk the good, the bad and the ugly ish going down in episode one — and of course, the Internets didn’t disappoint.

Of course folks had a lot to say about Juelz Santana and Kimbella‘s situation, especially since their proposal happened just last week. Not to mention the fact that he’s facing up to 10 years in prison after being charged with one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and one count of carrying a weapon on an aircraft.

But that didn’t stop the ruthless Internet from letting him have it .

Juelz also opened up about being addicted to drugs over the last few years, and boy oh boy, did y’all let the teeth jokes fly.


Fans were happy though to see Joe Budden return after his four year hiatus. Folks who probably haven’t watched an episode of LHH since the first season actually tuned in to watch on Monday. @MinusTheCultJam tweeted, “Joe really brought all of old Twitter out of retirement to watch like cousins that haven’t seen each other in years but pick right up where they left off.”

He and Cyn Santana, along with their baby boy Lex seem to be the people’s favorite this season. But that doesn’t mean we won’t see the old Cyn pop out every now and then, especially when she wants some BDE in her life.

As for Kimbella, folks have been questioning her life choices since she said yes to Juelz’ proposal last week. But it wasn’t until during the episode that we realize how much she’s put up with throughout her years of being with Juelz. ADAEZE wrote, “I’m not with this generation and idolising of suffering in the name of love. I want a man to CHOOSE me when he is at his HIGHEST, it doesn’t have to be finically but has to be in a good place in his life. NOT when he’s hit rock bottom and only then realises me.”

Folks called out new cast member Alexis Skyy over her never ending drama with baby daddy Fetty Wap. His reaction to Alexis saying that she almost died giving birth sent Twitter into a tailspin.

 @Tatianna_Minaj said, “Alexis Skyy was clowning Masika for getting pregnant by Fetty Wap and how he wasn’t claiming their child…now shawty’s in the same fu**ing boat as Masika”

And that was just the first episode!

Hit the flip to see what folks had to say about Safaree, Maino, and the rest of the cast. Catch LHHNY every Monday at 8pm.

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