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By now you’ve probably seen the epic trailer for Captain Marvel, the next movie from the Marvel Studios that stars Brie Larson, Samuel L Jackson and newcomer Lashana Lynch who plays Maria, the best friend of Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers. I went down to Baton Rouge, Louisana to find out more about Marvel’s next big blockbuster. We headed into Maria’s living room, that was an old farmhouse on a large patch of land. Entering the house you immediately felt like you were thrown back in time to the 90s. Everything from the decor to the logos on the snack in the kitchen screamed the 90s. Brie Larson rocked Nine Inch Nails t-shirt during our interview, which is one of Carol’s favorite groups.

Captain Marvel occupies a space before Iron Man and we will see Carol Danvers carve out a space for herself in a world before superheroes. This can be considered an origin story for the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe as this would be the world’s first encounter with superheroes especially Nick Fury. Who has two eyes and isn’t the big dog to the whole Avengers program yet. Seeing him witness superpowers for the first time should be a fun experience for fans of the Marvel franchise. The filmmakers are allowing Captain Marvel to be the bridge between the Earth side of the MCU and the space side, as you will get to see a lot of that in this movie.

It starts in outer space with the Cree Empire who are at war with the Skrulls and over the course of the movie Captain Marvel will travel to Earth and continue her adventure here on Earth.

Brie Larson is taking this role very seriously putting in a tremendous amount of work to be as strong as a superhero, she worked out for 9 months to be able to move a car and did 90% of her own stunts. She revealed, “A lot of that came from Ignorance I thought you when you sign up for a movie like this you have to do your own stunts, and I’m an introvert with asthma so I thought I gotta get my shit together to be able to keep up with this movie.” After Brie completed her first fight sequence where she did all the work herself and every move herself that the studio came up to her to reveal no one does this. Brie said she was told, “Nobody trains with the stunt team for 3 months before a movie to learn how to do this. It just doesn’t happen, but for me, if she’s the strongest character in this universe and she’s able to move a planet I should be able to push a car. It makes the story feel more complete to me that I can talk about what’s it’s actually like to feel strong in my body as a self-identifying woman. I do feel strong, I trained for 9 months and it consumed my whole world it was no joke.”

Brie really went through the motions with this film, even overcome her fear of flying by going up in a fighter jet with trained pilots and experiencing a dogfight and hitting some pretty bad turbulence that she thought was significant but later found out it was just moderate, “we had really bad turbulence and we were running out of gas and she thought we are not going to make it. I was like oh planes can take even more than this? It really helped me overcome that fear.” Going through G-Force that’s a 6.5 and living to tell about it, will help you feel invincible.

Samuel L Jackson also discussed how this Nick Fury is different from the Nick’s he’s played in the past. “The hard job for me is being a Nick Fury that is a bureaucrat. He’s been a desk jockey for a while after he left the spy business, now he is riding a desk and his job trying to figure out where the next threat coming from. Then all of a sudden he meets this person and see these things and realizes there is a threat out there too. Believing in aliens is just not something we’re wired for until you see them. Its like oh shit they are out there. Now the job is convincing the people with the money that we need to figure out a way to fight something that doesn’t live here. That can do things that we can’t do. That’s the beginning of Nick Fury’s fight with the bureaucrats.” This movie will spark Nick’s mission to find people that can do things humans can’t do to help them fight this threat.

The trailer looks insane and the set was a beautiful throwback to the 90s and I for one can’t wait for Captain Marvel to hit theaters March 9th, 2019.