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This weekend if you plan to Netflix and Chill you need to check out Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock, Trevanté Rhodes, Lil Rel, MGK, John Malkovich and more. It’s an ensemble cast who come together to take this suspense thriller to every level on the emotional roller coaster.

The movie kicks off when a mysterious force infects the population, causes everyone who encounters it, to commit suicide. Quickly you find out that if you see it, you die.

So in order to survive, you must avoid coming face to face with an entity because it takes the form of your worst fears. The movie centers around a group of survivors who are locked in a house. Through a series of flashbacks and time jumps you will follow a woman and her children dangerous journey through the woods and down a river to find the one place that may offer sanctuary.

When I heard the story I just had to feature this movie for my #XillaMovieParty series and I had New York’s top influencers and celebrities in the building. Donna and Alex from Black Ink Crew, comedian TravQue, Yarisbeth and BET’s Hustle In Brooklyn Ivy Rivera were in the building to name a few. As guests enjoyed snacks and the comfortable seats of iPic Theaters and Hennessy cocktails after the screening while they got to wonder what they would have seen if they saw the entity.

I also got to sit down with Trevante Rhodes and Sandra Bullock for a dope interview where they talked about filming this amazing film, Sandra and Trey also have a heart to heart conversation about how well Rhodes’ mother raised him. Along with talking about what they learned from kids. Sandra revealed that she had no idea what love really was. “I’m going to start crying… I had absolutely no idea wht Love was about but i have to leave it here because I’ll get all misty.” While Trevante agreed with Sandy but explained that being around children helped him identify a purity and honesty that exist in kids.

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