AT&T #HBCUUnlimited initiative pushes for us to ‘Dream In Black’ and tap into our unlimited possibilities. At a time when things seem to be hard for African American youth, it’s important that we push young people to explore the vast world and remind them that there are no limits to their potential. Sometimes all it takes is a boost of encouragement from someone they look up to. That person can be a friend, family member or even a teacher.   

When students attend HBCUs, they are often drawn to the dreams of comradery amongst students that look like them. The band, sororities, and fraternities are often highlighted as a few of the many reasons students should attend HBCUs but the unsung heroes, the professors, deserve some recognition as well.

Roland Martin visited Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia to speak with Dr. Corey D.B. Walker, Dean of the Dewitt School of Theology, about how he expands the horizons of his students. 

When it comes to getting African American students to understand how religion has changed since they were young children in church, Dr. Corey D.B. Walker says, “What we’re doing is, we’re really trying to train the next generation of religious faith leaders. Not only for congregations but also for communities. We recognize that not everyone coming into seminary may find themselves within a congregation. There are individuals who come into seminary who want to go out on different walks and different paths in their ministry. We provide that type of education that translates not only across churches but across broader sub-societies. That is deeply built into what this institution is.”

When it comes to making sure his students have an understanding of the unlimited possibilities they have within religion, Dr. Walker says his classes are specially designed to give students broader experiences.

“What we do at the Proctor School is make sure we pair up our students with dynamic and diverse ministry partners that are not only in churches but are in all sectors of society,” says Dr. Walker. “You can find our seminarians at Richmond Hill right here in Richmond, Virginia, a center that is dedicated to bringing peace in the city. You can find our seminarians in public schools. You can find our seminarians here on campus integrating their knowledge with undergraduate students here in various venues.”

Check out Dr. Corey D.B. Walker’s complete interview with Roland Martin above.

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