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DL Hughley is a veteran in the entertainment business. He’s a comedian, an actor, an author and has put in over a decade worth of work in radio. Currently, he hosts The D.L. Hughley Show on REACH Media/Radio One syndication, which has been the show’s home since 2013.

Hughley sat down with for an interview where he revealed five new facts you may not have known about his time over the airwaves.


D.L. Hughley

Source: Paul Warner / Contributor / Getty

DL Hughley got fired from his radio gig with Los Angeles’ KJLH by Stevie Wonder.

Radio Facts: I missed you at KJLH because I was on there for a while and that was like the early, I want to say, maybe the late-nineties?

DLYeah, because, remember, I got fired by Stevie Wonder?

Radio Facts: What did you do? I don’t remember that. What happened?

DL: Because I said KGLH was so raggedy that even Stevie Wonder could see it.

That’s hilarious but that’s not all we learned! Hit the flip for more facts from DL Hughley’s interview.

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