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Shiggy has done one too many “In My Feelings” challenges and now the social media star says he is done dancing on command.

Shiggy made the shocking announcement on his Instagram page. He posted a message saying, “Stop asking me to dance… I’M DONE”.

As expected, no one in his comments really took him seriously. Many of his celebrity fans laughed off his plea. One follower said, “Nah bro, you gotta dance! At least do it for the kids”, to which Shiggy replied, “Nah, I’m done for real. Shit not fun no more. You could see it in my eyes.”

For what it’s worth, Shiggy has been looking miserable with the on demand dancing for a while now. In a recent video, Harlem rapper Dave East demanded Shiggy dance on cue. At first, Shiggy attempted to play it off as if he didn’t hear him, but that didn’t stop the chants. Needless to say, Shiggy did what he was told.


Even social media caught on to Shiggy’s cries for help.

I mean, he didn’t lie, you really can see the misery in his eyes. It’s almost like how miserable Chadwick Boseman looked when everyone had him saying “Wakanda Forever” every single day of 2018.

Shiggy’s decision to quit dancing shouldn’t come as a shock to his fans, though. Just a few days ago, on Instagram Live, he told his fans that he was going to call it quits and even blamed Dave East for making him realize how much he hates “shooking and jiving.” I guess no one believed him then, either.


It was all good a week ago, though. While at a game at the Barclays Center, Shiggy did the In My Feelings challenge courtside for the entire world to see.

He looked happy enough on the outside. Who knew he was being tortured within, though.

Then again, Black Twitter could see he was being manipulated by the masses. They wasted no time making memes.

For what it’s worth, at one point everything was going well for Shiggy. We can’t forget his Best Week Ever.

So now that Shiggy has quit dancing, what do you think he will do?