WTOL11 (sort of)


So apparently, some Ohio newscasters wanted to gain brownie points with kids during test week by doing a cutesy “encouragement” segment aimed at students.

Fun idea.

The only problem is, the news station loaded their dialogue with slang words that sounded like smooshed bird poo coming from adults.

It didn’t help that most of the newscasters were White and taking on slang that mostly stems from Black culture. Peep the tragic scene for yourself below…


Who, what, when, where, why AND how?


Did this man just say “yeet?”

The woman co-anchor’s distracting Wizard of Oz dress wasn’t helping matters either.

WTOL11 tried to explain their transgressions in an article, saying they were hoping to uplift a school district that continually gets failing grades and low test-taking turnout.

Apparently, their goals worked in some schools. One Toledo Public School teacher said she showed the clip to her middle school kids before testing, and they loved it. She said in a statement:

“They were all cracking up, and asked if we could watch it a second and third time before testing! If you’ve never seen a large group of kids laugh hysterically, you’re missing out on life!”

Well, at least it got the kids relaxed for testing right?

Some wins in the L.

But once test time is over, let’s stick to the news and weather shall we WTOL11.

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