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*SPOILER ALERT* If you still haven’t seen Avengers: End Game and have somehow managed to not see any spoilers until now, back away from the computer. Seriously, there’s gonna be a major spoiler in the first sentence of this article–don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Let’s cut right to the chase: we all cried when Iron Man died at the end of Avengers: End Game. And if you didn’t, you definitely heard a few sniffles in your theater from the people who did.

The death of the man who kicked off the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe is devastating enough on its own, but it’s been made even more emotional for fans as they remember today, May 2, is the 11 year anniversary of Iron Man’s release.

If you’re one of the diehard Marvel fans whose been paying attention to the actors from the film on social media, you already know it’s impossible to stumble upon a post without seeing at least a few “I love you 3,000” comments. What was an absolutely adorable line at the beginning of the film was made tragic when Tony Stark’s hologram uttered that same line to his daughter following his death. Now, as we remember where it all started over a decade ago, everything is 3000 times more sad.

With all of the sorrow surrounding the ending of the 3rd phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one thing we can all take solace in is the fact that we aren’t suffering alone. With all the box office records End Game is breaking, it really seems like those who aren’t mourning the death of our beloved Iron Man are the ones who are alone.

With that being said, it’s only right we celebrate the 11 year anniversary of Iron Man by looking at some of the most devastating tweets about Tony Stark and his meaningful MCU ending.

Here’s what people are saying as they celebrate the anniversary of the film that started it all while simultaneously mourning the death of the Avengers’ patriarch:

Many Marvel fans already know that Robert Downey Jr. has always improvised a lot of his lines throughout his career, and the fact that two of the most important moments in these films was thought up on the spot has a lot of people in shock.

And it wouldn’t be a tribute to Iron Man without paying homage to the one and only Pepper Potts.