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Allison Williams took audiences by storm with her performance as Rose in Jordan Peele‘s hit movie Get Out, a movie about white people transplanting their brains into the body of talented Black people. Now in her latest movie The Perfection, which hits Netflix on May 24th 2019, she’s back at it again, this time as Charlotte a former music prodigy who gave up her dreams at becoming the best to take care of her sick mother. She hatches a sinister plan when she discovers Lizzie has taken her place as the top star in the music world.

The trailer for this movie prompted one Twitter user to ask Allison Williams how many Black people is she going to kill in her movies? So being that I had the chance to sit down with Allison, and Logan Browning who plays Lizzie I decided to let her know what people were saying about her. Allison replied, “Yes, we knew when the trailer came out that that would be the reaction. I knew that was going to happen but that’s ok. It’s ok if you go into the movie thinking that.”

Allison also opened up about Black men’s reaction to her after seeing Get Out and she said she ends up coming across a lot of people who ask for a picture with her while she is holding a set of keys. She does mention that she’s lucky that people can separate her from the character but it just takes a minute for them to loosen up.

The ladies also opened up about how the script was a page-turner with Logan saying she couldn’t put it down, while addressing how the movie is multiple genres in one film. Check out this week’s episode of Extra Butter with Xilla Valentine and be sure to watch The Perfection on Netflix May 24th.