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2019 NBA Finals - Game Three

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Some wins take years to achieve, while some losses folks can never fully recover. Check out the L’s for this week below, then hit the next page for a major win.


1. Mark Stevens 


Unchecked privilege will have folks doing the wildest things and Warriors minority owner Mark Stevens found out the consequences when he decided to put his crusty hands on a player.

According to ABC News, Stevens, a venture capitalist, was sitting court-side during Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Oakland when Toronto Raptors player Kyle Lowry dove into the sidelines to prevent the ball from going out of bounds. He had issues regaining his balance when a clip showed Stevens shoving Lowry for no reason.

Like…it was completely uncalled for.

Lowry didn’t retaliate when he was shoved but after the game, he told reporters, “He had no reason to touch me. He had no reason to reach over two seats and then say some vulgar language to me.” He continued, “There’s no place for people like that in our league and, hopefully, he never comes back to an NBA game.”


Stevens’ move caused swift backlash including from major athletes like LeBron James.

“When you sit court-side you absolutely know what comes with being on the floor and if you don’t know it’s on the back on the ticket itself that states the guidelines,” LeBron wrote on Instagram. “But he himself being a fan but more importantly PART-OWNER of the Warriors knew exactly what he was doing which was so uncalled for. He knew the rules more than just the average person sitting watching the game court-side so for that, Something needs to be done ASAP!”


That “something” LeBron called for was done when Stevens was fined $500,000 and banned from attending games as well as Warrirors team activities for a year, according to a joint statement from the NBA and Warriors team officials.

There’s even rumors that Stevens might be forced to sell his shares in the Warriors following the incident, according to Yahoo Sports.

As said before….

Keep your privilege in check. You will catch that L.

2. Linda Fairstein


If you were able to get through the Netflix mini-series When They See Us based off the Central Park 5 case…

God bless you. Especially if you’re a Black person.

It was one of the most devastating stories to witness in real life and in dramatic form. Five Harlem kids — Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, Yusef Salaam, Antron McCray and Korey Wise — all between the ages of 14 and 16 were accused of raping and brutally beating a jogger, Trisha Meili, in Central Park in 1989. They were wrongfully convicted for the crime and spent years in prison. In 2002, DNA evidence proved Matias Reyes, a convicted serial rapist, was the actual culprit in the rape case and the Central Park 5’s convictions were overturned.

One of the main people behind the guys’ wrongful convictions was Linda Fairstein, who headed the sex crimes unit at the Manhattan district attorney’s office from 1976 to 2002. She prosecuted the boys’ case after they were coerced by the NYPD to falsely confess.

When They See Us portrays the disgusting process and immediately reignited anger towards Fairstein, who still defends the way authorities handled the case.

According to CNN, Fairstein had to delete her Twitter account after getting loads of condemnation from an outraged public. A petition was even started on to remove Fairstein from the board of trustees at Vassar College, where she graduated in 1969.

All the organized outraged seemed to work because on Tuesday, Fairstein resigned from the board.

“I am told that Ms. Fairstein felt that, given the recent widespread debate over her role in the Central Park case, she believed that her continuing as a board member would be harmful to Vassar,” said Vassar College President Elizabeth H. Bradley in an online message.

Peace out Fairstein!

You can never repay what was stolen from Kevin, Raymond, Yusef, Antron and Korey.

P.s. Folks are also calling for Fairstein’s book to cease being sold…just in case you want to check out the petition.

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