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Hip Hop fans have continually watched their beloved underground producers develop into platinum-selling superstars, all the while hoping that the talent and foundation of the beatsmiths will maintain the same integrity. Unfortunately, far too many producers who grew from classic boom-bap to create mega hits do not stay in touch with the very sounds that made them fan favorites.  As the buzz for their DJ Diamond Kuts single ‘Salt Peppa Ketchup Hot Sauce’ featuring Casino, Pumpkin and D-Wizz gains popularity, the duo of DNA Beats is determined to stick to their roots in more ways than one. Philadelphia producers Ridd and Dnali came together years ago to form DNA Beats, and had the opportunity early on to work with people they admired like the legendary production team Gamble & Huff and Will Hunt of The Delphonics. In the past two years alone, DNA has produced for budding Philly stars with national buzz like Bump J, Peedi Peedi and Gillie Da Kid.  In 2008, they created magic with Power 99 DJ Diamond Kuts on her song ‘Salt Peppa Ketchup Hot Sauce,’ which became an instant local hit. “We’re trying to take some of the late ‘80s stuff back,” Ridd says of the track. “Our whole vision was imagining if Roxanne Shante came out with a record right now. We’re not making it more club-friendly, we’re just providing all of the elements that have worked.” With a video on the horizon, the work with DJ Diamond Kuts has definitely given DNA Beats a leg up in their mission to bring forth a new-age sound for the region. They are developing futuristic sounds for artists like Casino (songwriter and featured vocalist on ‘Salt Peppa Ketchup Hot Sauce’), PFL (Playas 4 Life), Hip-Pop group DaCav5, Hip Hop artists Young Tre and Five Mics and more. Additionally, they have tracks recorded with several major label artists including Bow Wow, Lil Mama, Rocko, Flo-Rida, Tiffany Evans and more. DNA Beats is actively working with Status Management to refresh Philly’s style for the world, and add their own flair to artists’ work in other regions. “We definitely want to make an impact in the industry,” explains Dnali. “We’re not trying to be the one-hit wonders – we strive to make sure we’re on top of our game. We definitely feel we’re in a position to make an impact just off of basic elements of our sound.”   For more information on DNA Beats and to hear their current hit, go to and For interviews and press information, contact ABOUT DNA BEATS In the world of Hip Hop production, there is a vast sound experience that ranges from mashing up samples to pounding out original synthetic drum patterns. The producers who stand out are rarely those who rely on sampling alone – this is the day of the true artist. Ridd and Dnali, collectively known as DNA Beats, are bringing their style of natural percussion and DJ-inspired rhythms to the forefront as they build a brilliant new soundscape for Philadelphia’s urban music scene. They have a current Mid-Atlantic hit with DJ Diamond Kuts’ “Salt Peppa Ketchup Hot Sauce” featuring Casino and Pumpkin, and a flurry of work this year with the likes of Bump J, Gillie Da Kid, Young Tre, Peedi Peedi, Five Mics and more.  Ridd and Dnali met as students in Voorhees, New Jersey’s Eastern High School. Dnali was honing his skills as a drummer in the music department, while Ridd was spending his nights DJing local parties. They had both tried producing songs individually, but it wasn’t until they met that everything made sense.  Eventually they became DNA (Digital and Analog), and had a memorable moment when they linked with Will Hart of the Delphonics to create a song. Ridd initially captured the idea for the track when CEO Grouchy Greg played him the Delphonics classic “Seventeen in Love.” Inspired, DNA made a Hip Hop sampled track, and by chance Will Hart came through Philadelphia and was able to lay original vocals on the song for them.  “Working with Will H

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